Erik J. Loebl

My objective is to contribute to a company’s overall success by reducing or removing
repetitive, time-wasting processes. Many times, this can be accomplished through
computer automation, architecture, and enhanced communication.

My qualifications for this position are as follows:
 Loeblcom Services webpage:
 My Access VBA tutorial webpage –
 My Excel VBA tutorial webpage
 Microsoft Access Database Developer (15 years)
 Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) (14 years)
 ASP web programmer (5 years)
 PHP web programmer (4 years)
 SQL Server Database Designer and Administrator (7 years)
 MySQL Server Database Designer and Administrator (4 years)
 Excel VBA programming (9 years)
 Lotus Notes (4 years)
 Transact SQL (10 years)
 Visual Basic Programmer (10 years)
 Object-oriented programming and application integration. Example: MS Access-
MS Word integration, MS Access/MS Excel collaboration.
 Microsoft Office Trainer (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) (8 years)
 Flash presentation design for online graphics.
 SAP data extraction and reporting
 Microsoft Office automation
 Microsoft Word, mail merge, automation, etc.
 Microsoft PowerPoint Development
 Microsoft Outlook programming
 Webscraping (reading data off of specified webpages into database tables)
 VB.Net (relay management system)
 ASP.Net (upgrading intranet site and with database access)
 Webmaster of several domains
 Python development (3 years)


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Experience – LoeblCom Services Consulting
RMH Surgical Management -2015 – present
I upgraded their Excel based, medical claims spreadsheet to a newly designed
and developed Microsoft Access database for better management of their data. Then, a
few years later, based upon hearing their needs and seeing their company direction, I
felt a web solution would be a better fit. I redesigned their desktop solution to an online
solution using MySQL and PHP. I administer all the data and the current database
forms their company uses, and I build new web forms and database tables based on
requests and needs. Currently there are over 25 active users of the web site.
I provide automation where needed and have recently built a tool to extract “scrape” data
from a major medical billing clearinghouse’s website.

AutoPayment Finder – 2014 – 2018
I took over development and administration of this MySQL and PHP business.
This business provided automobile advertising to car dealers. I was able to catch the
company’s vision, and added new database tables and PHP forms and useful analysis
tools for the over 30 users of the web site.
I don’t do any more work for the company, because the owner passed away.

Gustafson Group – 2002 to present
I took over the development of Access 95 real estate database, which evolved
over the years into becoming a MS SQL Server application.

Texans For Lawsuit Reform – 2001 – present
This MS Access database was already developed when my services were
requested. Currently, I do the database maintenance and upgrades for the donors and
donation database this company uses.

Sicola Landscaping – 2007 – present
I designed this database in MS Access to manage their lawn care services. The
accounting portion is integrated with Quickbooks.
USAg Recycling – 2004 – present
I designed this MS Access database based on the functionality of an older Act
database. This company has clients around the United States and is able to keep track
of all their recycling information using this database I designed and developed.


Other Information

I continuously work on projects and short term projects for various customers in various
fields of service. I architect and program computer related solutions for these small
companies depending on their needs.
I have some VBA tutorial websites at and
where I teach and show VBA related solutions. Also, have some PHP/MySQL examples

Experience – Company Consulting
7/2015- Present – NASA Houston / Straughan Environmental
I am currently overseeing and making modifications to an Access database used by the
environmental group, comprised of approximately 20 users. This database manages
contract information, and information sent to the EPA.
I’m am also closely involved with handling the technical support questions of the various
In order to facilitate the management of the various NASA assets, I build and maintain
handheld scanning applications built using TracerPlus.

My responsibilities have included MS Access/ MS Excel, MS Access/ MS Word, MS
Access / Adobe PDF automation, I generate custom coding solutions to facilitate the
needs of the users.
I also oversee the backup of the staff shared drive, as well as daily and monthly
7/2014- 3/2016 – Johnson Law Group
I build and maintained a database to handle law case information, including payments
made and produce portfolio valuation reports which were done in the past with Excel.
The database imports Excel information, and exports Access or Excel reports.
Having hands on information, improves management’s knowledge of monies owed to
various cases,

10/2013- 5/2014 – ExxonMobil / Wisemen Consulting
The Exxon project involved developing a SQL database of "Qualified Manufacturers"
accessible globally through the corporate intranet site. I designed the database using
MS Access first, then upgraded to a SQL Server database, and the QML intranet site
was designed using ASP, HTML, JQuery, CSS and AJAX.

The initial database was an Access database, but as the user requirements grew, the
SQL Server/Intranet solution was a better option.
I utilized the following technologies at this project: Access database design and
development, SQL Server, ASP, Sharepoint, Infopath, and VBA
4/2013- 7/2013 – Centerpoint Energy / Wisemen Consulting
This was a short term project where my assignment was to build an MS Access
database to replace the existing Excel file which managed projects.
The database was a mixture of regular database design, VBA, and Excel Automation.
10/2010- 3/2013 – Automotive Advertising
This is very much different than my past endeavors. This was a part time endeavor until
1/2012, when it became full time. I took a non functional website, and using PHP and
MySQL, transformed it to a lucrative web property. I designed the database with MySQL
and programmed its functionality with PHP. For administration I use phpMyAdmin and
MS Access.
I built a website interactive program with the Python programming language which
resides on several Ubuntu/Linux based machines, which I also administer.
5/2011-1/2012 –Enterprise Products / Comsys Consultant Houston/Texas
Designed and developed a fully functional Pipeline Estimating Program in Microsoft
Access. The program has the ability to input natural gas pipeline information, export and
import from MS Excel, and produce managerial decision reports.
10/2010-4/2011 –Friedkin Companies / Everfind Consultant Houston/Texas
Work included enhancing, revising, and adding to an Access database. Technologies
used were Access 2007 and VBA. This database is used primarily to tracks overfund
check payments. The database determines a dealer’s aging payments and determines
whether checks of high value need to be submitted to them. All objects, tables, queries,
forms, reports, and modules were adjusted.
9/2008-10/2010 -Geokinetics / Addison Search Consultant Houston/Texas
I developed a template using VBA code in Excel to put the various worksheets in an
Excel “Fee Build Up” into an acceptable format for upload into an Oracle database
system. I worked closely with the members of the Oracle team to develop this
acceptable format. This “FBU” is used in various countries around the world. The
“uploader” program is used to upload North American, Latin American, and Australian
exploration projects into Oracle which allows for a better cost analysis to take place
which in turn saves the company millions of dollars and makes them more competitive in
their bidding processes.

6/2008-6/2009 -Shell Oil & Gas / Disys Consultant Houston/Texas
I was called back to Shell for additional modifications to databases I had built earlier in
2008. Additional reports were added to report information with an Access database.
Charts and pivot tables are formulated with Microsoft Excel. Again, I was called back on
a part time basis to enhance the database application I originally built.
4/2008-10/2008 – Gulf States Toyota/ Everfind Consultant Houston/Texas
Duties included redesigning a current parts database for the main parts ordering
department of the company.
I redesigned a current Access and made it more efficient and added enhancements
which will make the company more revenue in the future.
I created historical reports which will allow for better decision making based on past
Changes made were very noticeable and implemented immediately.
The changes made were so desirable that my name was given to other’s in the company
with data needs, and I am currently working on an Excel/Access project which processes
(inserts relevant financial data based on each department, from a SQL database) and
saves a financial spreadsheet based on the department in an Access table.
The input data for each department will be received using VBA and inserted into an
Access table where it can be further analyzed and inserted into an Oracle database.
9/2007-2/28/2008 – Shell Oil & Gas / Disys Consultant Houston/Texas
Duties included redesigning and building an Inventory database for the Shell Chemicals
Finance Department. Data is downloaded from SAP into Excel and collected from
different sources then it is imported into an Access database via a user interface. Users
have different access rights based on their password. Summary financial reports can be
generated from the database based on region, company, product business unit, main
product group, and others. Customized
SQL based on user selection is produced and results are used for various reports and
This database can produce Excel charts with dual axes based on user selection. Also
data can be exported to Excel and analyzed in a pivot table format.
Some of the charts and reports this database can produce are as follows:
 PBU Summary
 Enterprise Summary
 Trend (volume, $/mt) by Region
 Trend (volume, $/mt) by Finished Product
 Trend (volume, $/mt) by Other & WIP types
 Trend (volume, $/mt) by Product Hierarchy
 Waterfall for Inventory Change Value
 Trend of Inventory Turns
 Trend of Inventory DIO
 Trend of Inventory Stock Type
 Trend (volume, targets) by Region
 Trend (volume, targets) by Finished Product
 Trend (volume, targets) by Other & WIP types
 Trend (volume, targets) by Product Hierarchy
Selection can be made by a date range and can be archived based on selection.
The information that is gathered from these reports save the Shell corporation millions of
dollars based on wise financial conclusions gathered from the data being in one area.
This database has its own 26+ page documentation to demonstrate how to use the
I was also in charge of migrating and expanding a current Excel application to a
Microsoft Access platform. Since the “Inventory Database” was so successful, my way of
generating charts was standardized. The application is known as the “Cost to Serve”
application. This database allows the importing of SAP data from 4 different sources into
an Access database. Customized SQL based on user selection is produced and results
are used for various reports and charts. Data is
from the balance sheet, GL, PL, as well as the cost centers. Users are allowed to run
maintenance or just run reports based on their password.
By analyzing the costs associated with each category, trends can be realized and cost
savings can be had. The Shell corporation will save millions of dollars through the ability
to analyze their current expenditures and forecasting potential financial pitfalls.
The data can be analyzed according to 3 different models. Each model has its own set
of categories and subcategories.
The results it produces can be analyzed in chart or report format. Some of the reports
and charts that can be produced are:
 Detail By Region
 Enterprise
 Detail By Product Hierarchy
 Unit Cost by Product Hierarchy
 Unit Cost by Category Groupings
 Index by Product Hierarchy
 Index by Category
 Waterfall by Category
 Unit Cost By Region Chart
 Unit Cost By Type Chart

Data has the ability to be archived based on user selection and reports or charts can be
made based on this archive if necessary.
I was also part of a project team, and many meetings, to decommission an antiquated
data system. Data was held in an Oracle database and an Access database was build to
handle the reporting needs that may be required by taxing authorities. I successfully
created an Oracle to Access link and created dynamic reports from that data.
11/2001-7/27/2007 Perspective Solutions Group Houston/Texas
Full Time Contractor for CenterPoint Energy, Major Underground Department
Duties included performing data analysis, reporting and information management, as
well as process improvement.
The following list includes some of my accomplishments:
I implemented a “Work Order Management Database System”. This is an Access
database which uses data from SAP transactions to formulate "intelligent" reports. The
reports share important awareness data with the employees to whom the work orders
I implemented an “Equipment Management” database. This database uses data from
SAP transactions to give “at a glance” insight to which equipment is in stock, on order,
pending removal from the field, and pending on a current order. This report gives
awareness to when a particular piece of material may become in short supply so proper
preparations may be made to acquire more in a time conscience manner.
I implemented a contractor inspection website request form using ASP, HTML, and XML
technologies as the front-end interface, and SQL Server on the back-end database.
This website, located at, allows contractors
to make requests for inspections from their web browser. This enhances the inspection
request process, normally handled by phone, by reducing errors due to incomplete or
misunderstood information. Information is entered at the website portal, validated by the
job number, then results are emailed and sent by pager to the respective employee
handling the job.
I implemented the Major Underground Department intranet using ASP and HTML
technologies. The purpose of this site is to centralize storage of PDF formatted work
order reports and inventory reports, as well as to provide a point for departmental
I designed and implemented the BallPark Estimates database application
(BallParkEstimates.mdb) which aids in accurately estimating customer jobs. This is an
Access database and produces Excel reports.
I redesigned 2 Quattro Pro Applications to an MS Excel Format, the Motor Start
Application and the Voltage Drop Application (VoltageDrop.xls).

I implemented a “Transformer Load Management Database System”. This database
holds Transformer load information compiled since March, 2001 to June 2007. The
purpose of this database is to monitor the history of a transformer at certain GLNs and
Work Centers. Excessive loading could cause problems for the customer. These
problem areas are being notated in the database.
I have been able to develop various accounting reports from MS Access queries using
SAP data. These reports include among others, Plan vs. Actual Cost Reports, Cost
Element reports, 5 year Moving Average reports, Material Usage reports.
I used ASP.Net to build a web driven “Standard Requested Service Utility”, to upgrade
the MUDG Intranet from ASP. These access stored procedures.
I used SQL Server to build an Inspection Website, Relay Monitoring, which both have
email capabilities, and Relay Monitoring which loops through hundreds of tables using a
SQL query.
I used XML on the Inspection Website to validate Work Order numbers.
I used to modify Parijat customizable software.
I used Excel and Access VBA to manipulate data.
I used Access to build the MUDG Vehicles database, Storm Power Outage Tracking
System, Cable Management Database, UDG_Events Database, MUDG Metrics
Scorecard Database, MUDG_EmployeeSurvey Database, CellPhoneUsage Database,
MUDG_Vehicles Database, MUDG_EmployeeSurvey Database, ReconcileWorkCenters
Database, BallPark Estimates Application Database which produces an Excel report,
DGN_Processor Database which reads picture files.
I have built an utility to extract Lotus Notes email populate a MS Access database table.
I used ASP, HTML, and CSS techologies to build and administer the SaltyDog Fishing
tournament application.
I have used MS Excel to build the “Goals and Performance” Spreadsheet, Quattro Pro
Motor Start program to Excel format.
I have used SAP for transaction reporting.
12/1998-Present LoeblCom Services
Houston/ Texas
As a consultant I was exposed to various projects and their solutions involved the
Microsoft platform, and website development using PHP with MySQL..

A number of projects included designing databases in MS Access to hold data relevant
to the business. I also build analysis tools using VBA coding.
I currently administer at website involved with automotive advertising using web
technologies like PHP with a database backend of MySQL.
I did build a website for Galveston Housing Authority using HTML and CSS techologies,
viewable at
When a MS Access database becomes operationally slow or needs to be upgraded to
MS SQL Server, LoeblCom Services has been involved with the upgrade. I have
worked to upgrade a database holding doctor information, and real estate information to
MS SQL Server.
At Aspen Manufacturing I used Excel VBA to write code to compare two files and
produce an output of results based on the results.
At the Gustafson Group, I upgraded an Access 97 database to Access 2000, and then to
a SQL Server. I set up groups that each employee could be assigned to. I built tables
and migrated data to the SQL server. I also built queries and stored procedures where
necessary to create a view or to modify the data.
I have worked with various technologies as I have had the need, including, HTML, CSS,
Javascript, SQL Server, Access, Excel, Word, PHP, and MySQL.
12/1997-11/2001 Computer Technology Research Education Center Houston /
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
Software Trainer incorporating the Microsoft Office Suite: Access, Excel, Word,
PowerPoint. Expert level
I well as being a software trainer, I also worked on a project using XML to transport data
via XML to a SQL database.
7/1993-11/1997 WW Grainger Houston / Texas
Customer Service, Credit & Collections
2001 CTREC US-TX-Houston
Certification Microsoft Certified Trainer
2001 CTREC US-TX-Houston
Certification Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
7/1999 CTREC US-TX-Houston
Certification A+ Certified Computer Technician

6/1994 Texas Bible College US-TX-Houston
Theology Diploma
6/1990 Stratford High School US-TX-Houston
High School Diploma

My wife and I have been married for 20+ years. We live in Houston our children We
currently attend the Houston’s First Baptist Church of Houston. My hobbies include
spending time with my wife and children,