Cannot Create Index On Given Field Error

How To Get Around The Cannot Create Index On Given Field Error

In this post I am going to show you a way to get around the “Cannot Create Index On Given Field Error” If you got this error before, I am sure you are frustrated. I am working on upgrading an Access database to SQL Server. There are a lot of tables, but for this post […]

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sql server import table from access database

How To Import An Access Database Table Data To SQL server

Do you need to import your Access DB table(s) data to a SQL server to provide for better accessibility from either the location or from the web? Well follow these simple steps. BTW. Get a free download of SMS (SQL Management Studio). That’s what this tutorial is based on. 1. Select the table from the […]

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splashtop INSTALLED

How To Get Splashtop Working On Ubuntu 18.04 Machine And Upwork

All the words in the title actually work together. Recently I got a contract on Upwork which is very good, but they want to use Splashtop as a remote login tool. I have used Teamviewer and Anydesk in the recent past, and both work with Linux. So when the admin said they are using Splashtop […]

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secure crt

Installing A SSL On Debian On Google Compute Engine

I had a task which involve renewing a SSL certificate on a customer’s website that was seemed to be a big task, but really it “boils” down to just a few steps. And, since it is hosted on a Google Compute Engine, you may think that adds some complexity, and maybe it does (there is […]

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Windows 10 Monitor Flickering 3

Windows 10 Monitor Flickering

This may help in detecting why someone else’s, or your own monitor is flickering. Scenario: User has 3 monitors, laptop and 2 external monitors. The problem is that one of the monitors is flickering. My suggestion was to off load some of the video processing by connecting one of the external monitors via HDMI, and […]

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Want To See A Python Online Quiz Management System

New Python Project – Online Quiz Management!

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Ubuntu Linux Backup

So I was looking for a good backup utility for my files on my Linux, Ubuntu machine. I chose luckybackup Here is the link to the luckybackup linux download (the deb file you can install with the software center) Or just type this in the Linux shell prompt: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install […]

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What Smart Contracts Can Do?

Smart Contracts are the way to go if you are in business or are trying to make money online. They’re going to be used for a lot of things that are not possible with a software program, including being able to -control payments -accept requests for services. They are also useful in helping to control […]

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What Is Blockchain?

You probably have heard of Bitcoin over the last few years, and have heard of the turbulence and differing opinions of crypto currencies like bitcoin. Well face it folks, in the future, and even more so now that we have had this whole corona crises and economic shutdown, we are going to be headed into […]

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3 Different Types of Database Technologies

The field of data warehousing has different database types. There are three different types that we are going to discuss here, although they are not the only databases available. The first two types of database types are the traditional, which is also referred to as the OLTP (On Line Transaction Processing) and the document or […]

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