Want To See A Python Online Quiz Management System

New Python Project – Online Quiz Management!

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What Smart Contracts Can Do?

Smart Contracts are the way to go if you are in business or are trying to make money online. They’re going to be used for a lot of things that are not possible with a software program, including being able to -control payments -accept requests for services. They are also useful in helping to control […]

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Video: Adding Delete Functionality To Our Python Data Entry Form

Take a look at this video where I’ll show you how to add delete functionality to our Python data entry form. You can get the code here: http://pythoninhtmlexamples.com/how-to-have-python-delete-from-a-mysql-table/

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How To Simply Connect Python To Mysql

Hi everyone, If you wanted to find out how to connect your Python web app with MySQL take a look at this: http://pythoninhtmlexamples.com/how-to-simply-connect-python-to-mysql-on-your-site/

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How To Use The Value Of A Hidden Combo Box Field

Hi everyone, I have a new post regarding a question I answered recently: http://vbahowto.com/how-to-use-the-value-of-a-hidden-combo-box-column/

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Startup Seed Not Need

As a startup company, everyone knows you have needs.  There are things you need right now, and you are going to need things in the future. But, as in the words of Jim Rohn that I heard in the past, “the earth responds to seed and not need”. There are certain laws of nature we […]

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Concentrated Efforts

Focus is something that is lacking in most people today, and it’s the thing you are going to need to be successful. There are many acronyms for FOCUS, like: Follow One Course Until Successful One course? Too often, if we don’t have quick results, we ditch the idea, and move on to something else. Some […]

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Lessons from Outlaw Platoon

I read this today and it was real inspirational. They are topics from a book, and I decided to pass them on: 1. When you feel overwhelmed by life, don’t freeze, keep moving: “ Every training exercise we’d been through emphasized moving under fire. Stay in place, the enemy wins. You become easy meat, or […]

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2 Words To Change Your Life

Watch the video below to find out what 2 words can change and alter the direction of your life. If you are digging a hole, and are getting deeper and deeper, and don’t really want to be in the hole, then you have to Stop Digging! and go the opposite way (start climbing out).  

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Let The Learning Begin

Congratulations to all the graduates. You have completed the easiest part of your life. You have completed the 12 years required by the law of the US. You have finished the 12 years of being “spoon fed” education. Congratulations, but it’s not time to stop learning. So many people think that when they get out […]

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