What To Do After Graduation

I saw this video, and wanted to share it. Now that most of the world is
about to graduate or near graduation, most kids are breathing a sigh of relief
that, “Whew, now it’s all over. I don’t have to go back to school!”

“Graduation” is really a graduation from “extrinsic education”. Someone telling you what to
learn, and how to learn it.

Learn to tell the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic education.

Basically, extrinsic education is somebody telling you what you need to learn.

The education you received for the first 12-13 years at the school.

Intrinsic education deals with what you learn after you graduate. Education
you receive from the books you read, audios and videos you learn from. It deals with the people
you hang around.

And remember you are very much like the 5 people you mostly associate with.

Intrinsic education is that education you get so you are not a “puppet on a string”,
believing everything everyone tells you. Go out and seek information. Become informed about
a subject.

Celebrate the event that you are graduating. Congratulations! But remember,
it’s not a time to stop learning. It’s a fresh start and a new beginning. Use
what you have learned to continue your journey in this life. Say “Hello” to “intrinsic learning”.

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