Life Is Like The Seasons Of The Calendar

Spring follows winter, winter follows fall, summer follows spring.

Which part of this seasonal pattern is your life in right now?

Are you in the spring? Are new this popping up for you? New opportunities?
Are the seeds of a new business idea trying to show growth?

Are you in the fall? Are things beginning to wind down? Is a job or contract coming
to an end? Did you collect enough “nuts” or resources to get you through
the winter?

Or are you in the summer? Is everything going great for you right now? Are you “on top
of the world”?

That’s great. But don’t be fooled thinking it will be great forever. The winds and rain’s of life will come. Not that I’m trying to be negative, but reality is that they will come.

As Jim Rohn has said, “you better get good at 1 of 2 things, planting in the spring, or begging in the fall.”

I read somewhere in the past, “be like a squirrel, always be busy collecting nuts”.

If you don’t spend your time every day collecting “nuts”, you won’t have anything to sustain
you during the lean winter months.

The winters of our lives can be characterized by an illness or death in the family, loss of
main income, or any other loss or hardship.

Some winters are long and some are short, but they always come after fall.

The seasons of life make life exciting. The changes of the seasons in our lives, make us

The older you are, the more changing of the seasons you have been through. Don’t let the changes make you bitter, but let them make you better.

We should look up and respect our elders because the have endured more seasons of life, and have come out victorious. And you aged folks need to be the example for the younger to follow.

Could you imagine a life of constant beautiful blue skies and no rain? It is beautiful for a while, but it soon grows boring.

Use the seasons in your life to make you better able to handle the next winter. Do not let it knock you out of the game.

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