Windows 10 Monitor Flickering 3

Windows 10 Monitor Flickering

This may help in detecting why someone else’s, or your own monitor is flickering.

Scenario: User has 3 monitors, laptop and 2 external monitors. The problem is that one of the monitors is flickering.

My suggestion was to off load some of the video processing by connecting one of the external monitors via HDMI, and use the 15 pin monitor output for the other 2.

Well, if you don’t have 2 cables (HDMI and VGA) this won’t work.

So try this:

When a monitor flickers, you should set the refresh rate the same as the main monitor.

Here are some pictures:

1. Go to the settings >> control panel, and display properties (click advanced) :

For example:

Main monitor refresh rate = 60 hz
Other monitor when flickering was at 29 hz, but when it was set to 60 hz, it stopped flickering.

So through collaboration, the monitor flickering on Windows 10 was stopped!

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