What to do if you feel plateaued

What to do if you feel plateaued

Probably the most interesting movie clip I’ve been able to relate to at this time was a scene from “Lord Of The Rings”.


Gandalf has been propelled (by Saruman) to a high point a tower, with no way of escape (a plateau). There is no way down. It’s like a roof top with no fire escape or exit. Except this is a flat rock tower thousands of feet in the air.

A little butterfly comes to him, and instead of squashing the little bug, seems to speak to Gandalf, and he whispers some words back.

I think Gandalf must have “told” the butterfly to call for help. Though it wasn’t obvious. (He planted a “seed”)

Later in the movie, after several scenes, the evil scorcer (Saruman) that propelled Gandalf that plateau, comes on to the scene, procedes to “battle” with Gandalf.

Gandalf seems to be losing, but then Gandalf spots a huge bird flying in the distance, and coming his direction.

Gandalf must have known this bird was the answer to his dilemna.

The battle between the evil scorcer (Saruman), and Gandalf was getting no where, and Gandalf says a final word to the evil scorcer (Saruman), and leaps off the plateau.

Did Gandalf fall to his death? No, he was caught by that big bird Gandalf saw in the distance, and was taken to safety.


He took a calculated risk.

…and the risk payed off.

What lessons can you learn from this?

-Plant seeds, and wait for them to grow.
he spoke (whispered) to the insignificant butterfly, and patiently waited for the answer.

-Keep the faith even when trouble comes
the evil scorcer (Saruman) returned to fight, while he was on the roof, and after Gandalf spoke to the butterfly.

-Have enough guts to take calculated risks
Gandalf knew instinctively that big bird was his vehicle out of there, and jumped off the roof, thousands of feet above the ground.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments.

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