What Is The Law Of Increasing Returns

The Law Of Increasing Returns means that you get
back more than what you give out. Whether
that is good or bad, positive or negative. It is
operating all the time, just like the law of gravity.

Whatever you give out to another person will come back
to you greatly multiplied in time. It’s important to note,
“in time”. It may not happen instantly, and it may be longer than
you expect, but it will happen.

When you go out of you way to render more useful
service than you are paid to render, it is impossible
to not reap better results because that is the way this
law works.

If you are working for a salary, you can get paid back in
additional responsibilities, money, promotions, opportunities
to go into business for yourself.

Often times this compensation does not come back in the same
way it was given out, or from the same source it was given to.

The law of increasing returns means that if you render more
and better service than you are paid to render, it is impossible
for you not to get back.

Don’t be afraid to render exceptional service to a greedy buyer,
or a greedy employer. If you render this service with a
good attitude and keep on doing it, it is just as impossible not
be fairly over compensated for it.

Apply this principle towards everyone you come in contact with, relatives,
strangers, or business associates, it doesn’t matter. Make
it your business to render useful service in every human relation you
are involved with.

The “space” you take up as an individual will be made up by
the quality and quantity of the service you render, as well as
your mental attitude while you do them.

In what ways can you implement “The Law Of Increasing Returns” in your

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