The Power Of What You Have – The Seed

What are you doing with what you have?

I heard Jim Rohn give a talk about this topic,
and it really intrigued me to ask the question:

“How can this apply to me?”

These 4 things are all we’ve got? Basically, if
you think about it, it’s true.

We all have the same 4 things to work with:

    • Seed
    • Soil
    • Sun
    • Rain

I can control what seed I plant, and most of the time where.

Sometimes I can plant a seed unknowingly. Like the seed that
invisibly blows in the wind, and starts growing somewhere it wasn’t
even intentionally planted.

I have had some flowers grow in cracks in the concrete. I never planted
in the crack, who would plant it in the crack? The seed
must have just blown in the wind, and then fell into the crack where it
started to grow.

I shared in another post, that a seed was invisibly blown into a pot
of my dead lavender plant, and started to grow. Now it’s a big, beautiful

You never know where the seed you planted will grow.

You may plant a seed in one place, and it may grow somewhere else.

A seed may have been planted in your life years ago, and it may be growing
in your life now. And, you may have planted a seed in someone’s life years
ago, and it is coming out now.

I make some Youtube tutorial videos. I don’t know who’s life these affect,
but they either affect someone now or in the future.

Your life does make a difference. Just you being here has an exponential

The encouraging thing is that you may not intentionally be “planting seeds”, but
just by you talking and associating with others, you are “rubbing a piece of you” off on them.

Your seeds will come up, it’s a law, “seed time and harvest”. What kind of seeds are you sowing?

Don’t worry that they are not as big as you expect them to be yet. You may be in the wrong “season”.

In the wintertime, your seeds are probably in hibernation, and you won’t see anything.
In springtime, your seeds will sprout, but will be really small. In the summertime they will grow big.
In the fall, the harvest comes, and you better get the “fruit” before the winter comes and kills
your crops.

And then the cycle begins again.

Your harvest will be in accordance with what soil you’ve planted in.

We’ll talk about the soil in the next post.



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