The Oscillation Idea And The “Ultradian Rhythm”

Our body is in need for oscillation times, times of intense effort and then
times of rest and recovery.

The 90 Minute Blitz

The “90 Minute Blitz” is 90 minutes of intense focus, and then a break
for rest and recovery.

It is helpful to our well being to have sustained efforts for a period of time throughout
our day.

“Ultradian specifies that it refers to cycles with a period shorter than a
day but longer than an hour”

This “Ultradian Rhythm” happens in 90 minute segments of time, and in sleep
research, it is the 90-120 minute sleep stages during human sleep.

“Ultradian Rhythm”, not the “Circadian Rhythm” (the 24 hour oscillation between
day and night). According to Wikipedia, “an ultradian rhythm is a recurrent
period or cycle repeated throughout a 24-hour circadian day”

Another interesting article on another website adds:
“If not too stressed, you will have, after getting out of bed in the morning,
around 90 to 120 minutes more focused attention followed by a 20 minute period
of lesser focus. This is often experienced as difficulty concentrating.

During this 20 minute period you are more likely to feel sleepy or ‘day dreamy’
This is often the time that people take a break, grab a coffee or smoke a
cigarette as a way to try and cheat this natural break.

However, since it has been shown that taking advantage of this natural rhythm
has profound physical and mental health benefits, it is a better idea to do
what your brain is asking you to do – Relax! ”

Hence the creation of ‘power naps’ and their adoption by progressive companies.
Unsurprisingly, in workplaces where regular breaks are encouraged, productivity
increases and rates of sickness drop.

Get this book to learn more about this 20 minute period:

How can we best utilize this “Ultradian Rhythm” happening in our day to day lives?

Do the most important thing of the day FIRST

Ask yourself, “What is the activity you have to get done today that would provide the
biggest value to your life?”

Make that the first thing you are going to get done that day. That’s when you have the
most energy and the fewest distractions.

Remain focussed on that accomplishment for that amount of time. Put a stopwatch or timer
on. You quite possibly will accomplish more over that 90 minute portion
of focussed time than you would otherwise.

Watch the video below for Tony Schwartz’s explanation:

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