The Common Thread

Innovative, persistent effort until the goal is reached. These are
characteristics, and parts of the common thread applying to
all the successful people I’ve looked at so far.

They love what they do, and strive to be the best at it.

My billionaire search led me Larry Ellison. Owner of “Oracle”. You
know that big database company, bigger than MS SQL Server.

As a side note, Oracle seems to have a “secret society” of developers,
and most developers use Oracle Projects to develop in. Anyway, that may
not be true, but it’s my impression. Once upon a time, I worked as a contractor in a company
called Geokinetics. They stored a portion of their data in an Oracle database,
and there was a team of contractors developing interfaces with Oracle Projects.

I like MS SQL Server because I can have control of the entire development process.
From designing the database to maintaining it. It seems to me to be easier to work
with, but it just may be my ignorance.

I actually stumbled upon his biography, from reviewing Mark Cuban, who is also a technology
guy. I am a database type person and found the historical parts of the bio really interesting.

I have done a little Oracle work, and you can see the interesting ties
between Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, SAP, and Apple.

Take a look at this brief 25 minute biography of Larry Ellison.

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