MS Access

Cannot Create Index On Given Field Error

How To Get Around The Cannot Create Index On Given Field Error

In this post I am going to show you a way to get around the “Cannot Create Index On Given Field Error” If you got this error before, I am sure you are frustrated. I am working on upgrading an Access database to SQL Server. There are a lot of tables, but for this post […]

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sql server import table from access database

How To Import An Access Database Table Data To SQL server

Do you need to import your Access DB table(s) data to a SQL server to provide for better accessibility from either the location or from the web? Well follow these simple steps. BTW. Get a free download of SMS (SQL Management Studio). That’s what this tutorial is based on. 1. Select the table from the […]

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MS Access, MySQL ODBC Write Conflict Error

On one of my projects we have a MS Access database front end hooked up to tables on a MySQL backend. The entry process seemed to be going just fine until my customer encountered the “Write Conflict Error”. This error was frustrating to try to track down and fix. While I was trying to diagnose […]

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