Concentrated Efforts

Focus is something that is lacking in most people today, and it’s the thing you are going to need to be successful. There are many acronyms for FOCUS, like: Follow One Course Until Successful One course? Too often, if we don’t have quick results, we ditch the idea, and move on to something else. Some […]

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Lessons from Outlaw Platoon

I read this today and it was real inspirational. They are topics from a book, and I decided to pass them on: 1. When you feel overwhelmed by life, don’t freeze, keep moving: “ Every training exercise we’d been through emphasized moving under fire. Stay in place, the enemy wins. You become easy meat, or […]

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2 Words To Change Your Life

Watch the video below to find out what 2 words can change and alter the direction of your life. If you are digging a hole, and are getting deeper and deeper, and don’t really want to be in the hole, then you have to Stop Digging! and go the opposite way (start climbing out).  

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Let The Learning Begin

Congratulations to all the graduates. You have completed the easiest part of your life. You have completed the 12 years required by the law of the US. You have finished the 12 years of being “spoon fed” education. Congratulations, but it’s not time to stop learning. So many people think that when they get out […]

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What To Do After Graduation

I saw this video, and wanted to share it. Now that most of the world is about to graduate or near graduation, most kids are breathing a sigh of relief that, “Whew, now it’s all over. I don’t have to go back to school!” “Graduation” is really a graduation from “extrinsic education”. Someone telling you […]

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Do It Now

Have a sense of urgency. Don’t wait until tomorrow, when you can do it now. You may not get a tomorrow. Today is a “present”, that is why we call it the “present”. “Don’t put it off. Do it now! Don’t rest until you do”, as the ancient scriptures teach in Proverbs 6:4. Change can […]

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Need More? Add More Value

Today I ready something interesting, Take the word M-O-N-E-Y and change it to V-A-L-U-E. If you want or need more money, add more value. Instead of saying, “I need more money”, you should be saying “How can I add more value”. The first phrase is “me centered” and the second phrase is “others centered” Not […]

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Guard Your Time

Time is something you cannot get more of. You can go out and hustle and get some more money, but you cannot get more time. u Be stingy with your time and invest it in areas that bring the most return. Your family provides short and long term returns. You may think, “I have to […]

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Just Say No


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History Of Saudi Arabia Video

This is a good history lesson video about how Saudi Arabia came into existence:

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