Video: How To Create A Simple Form In Access Design View

In this video you will learn topics like: How to create a form in design view How to use the control box in design view to set a control’s properties How to position controls on grid (sizing and arranging) How to add a label How to print a form object Let me know if you […]

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Attaching A File In MS Access

If you want to attach files to your database table with the “Attachment” field datatype…fine, but if you want to see how to do it a better way in my opinion using VBA…click here:

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More Access Query Concepts

MS Access Advanced Query Concepts

Here are some more resources for you

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How To Use The Value Of A Hidden Combo Box Field

Hi everyone, I have a new post regarding a question I answered recently:

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db planning - ques

These Are Some Questions To Ask When Designing A MS Access Database

Here are some images of some questions you should consider when planning to build your Access database: In this video you will learn what questions to ask when you are designing your MS Access database. If you want help with yours, contact me at

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How To Add An Access Hyperlink Button On A Form

When you add a hyperlink to your Access form you are in a sense making it a part of the world wide web. Adding a hyperlink to a form in your database application is super easy. In our example, we’ll add a link to some stock charts on Bring up the “Properties” menu for […]

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An Overview And Some Uses Of MS Access tn

An Overview And Some Uses Of MS Access

In this video you’ll find out briefly about collections of data, database concepts, relational databases, and a comparison between Excel, Access, and SQL Server. Make sure you subscribe to this series so you won’t miss the next video in our Access training. Also, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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How To Backup Network Drive With Robocopy

I was using Goodsync to make regular network drive backups, because it was already installed when the machine previously had “elevated privileges”. However, my computer was “refreshed”, basically I had to get a new machine, and it didn’t have any of the old software. If you are working for a company that has it’s own […]

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What to do if you feel plateaued

What to do if you feel plateaued Probably the most interesting movie clip I’ve been able to relate to at this time was a scene from “Lord Of The Rings”. Gandalf has been propelled (by Saruman) to a high point a tower, with no way of escape (a plateau). There is no way down. It’s […]

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Startup Seed Not Need

As a startup company, everyone knows you have needs. ┬áThere are things you need right now, and you are going to need things in the future. But, as in the words of Jim Rohn that I heard in the past, “the earth responds to seed and not need”. There are certain laws of nature we […]

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