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How To Copy Files Using Remote Desktop To Your AWS Virtual Machine

I did a post on my other blog called: How To Connect Access To SQL Server On Amazon Virtual Machine Since we’re still dealing with AWS, you probably want to find out how to transfer files to your cool new VM. Well in this post you are going to find out. We are not going […]

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the black swan

The Black Swan

The Black Swan is a really interesting book about what are the of the odds that a particular unlikely, unpredictable event will happen.

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5 Awesome Things To Do In Jaipur India

If you are taking a short trip to Jaipur India, you can use the ideas in this video to form your itinerary. Get more information here: http://www.needtolearnthis.com/travel/5-amazing-things-you-must-do-in-jaipur-india/

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Video: Adding A Main Switchboard To Our Python Web App

In this video, we are going to add some navigational abilities to our Python web application.

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Video: Adding New MySQL Tables With PHPMyAdmin

In this video we are adding 3 more tables to our MySQL (med) database using PHPMyAdmin Here was the first video, where I actually showed you how to create this database:

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VIDEO: How To Edit a MySQL Entry With Python HTML

This video will show you how to edit a MySQL database entry with MySQL. See it in action: http://pythoninhtmlexamples.com/files/med/providers_update_form_mysql.py

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Video: Adding Delete Functionality To Our Python Data Entry Form

Take a look at this video where I’ll show you how to add delete functionality to our Python data entry form. You can get the code here: http://pythoninhtmlexamples.com/how-to-have-python-delete-from-a-mysql-table/

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Video: Python Data Entry Form

Here is a nice video telling you how you can generate a data entry form in Python.

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Want To Find Out How To Make A Python Data Entry Form?

Take a look at this new information about how you can make a Python data entry form. I want to show you how you can use the Python programming language in your web applications. Take a look: http://pythoninhtmlexamples.com/how-to-make-a-python-data-entry-form/

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How To Simply Connect Python To Mysql

Hi everyone, If you wanted to find out how to connect your Python web app with MySQL take a look at this: http://pythoninhtmlexamples.com/how-to-simply-connect-python-to-mysql-on-your-site/

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