Let The Learning Begin

Congratulations to all the graduates. You have completed the easiest part of your
life. You have completed the 12 years required by the law of the US. You have
finished the 12 years of being “spoon fed” education.

Congratulations, but it’s not time to stop learning. So many people think that
when they get out of school, the learning process stops. It doesn’t. Now you
begin the process of “voluntary learning”. Learning what you want to learn.

DON’T EVER STOP LEARNING. Don’t fall into this trap. It’s easy to do with all the
entertainment devices around us, our phone texts, emails, youtube videos, vines, snapchats,
facebook, instagram, tv, radio, computers, other “noise”, etc grasping for our attention.

Building up yourself, and gaining an edge on life takes work. Education will
give you the edge you are going to need to separate you from the other person.

What will make you different from the millions of other graduates?

Answer: Your education. Who you become will set you apart.

Watch the following video for some great advice for new graduates:

Now is the time to move from the stage of “spoon fed education” from the system, to the
“voluntary education”.

For some of you it may be college, and for some of you it may be
some type of vocational education, or entrepreneurship, but don’t let fall into
the tempting lure of believing that your education is done.

It has only begun….

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