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How To Import An Access Database Table Data To SQL server

Do you need to import your Access DB table(s) data to a SQL server to provide for better accessibility from either the location or from the web?

Well follow these simple steps.

BTW. Get a free download of SMS (SQL Management Studio). That’s what this tutorial is based on.

1. Select the table from the access database.

Right click the SQL database and choose Tasks > Import Data:

Now make sure you select the Access Data Source shown, and then enter the Access database path:

Select the table in your Access database to import:

Select the SQL Server database to import to (destination).

You are going to be deleting the contents of the table and re-adding, so make sure the option to delete and “enable identity insert” is in place, so you can tell SQL Server to make new entries to the table.

If the table you are importing does not exist on the SQL Server you’ll just have the option button “Create destination table”

…otherwise the other 2 options will be enabled.

Finally, make sure “Edit SQL” is enabled then enter the following to make sure your new entries get the “Autonumber” attribute

Click “OK”

…and follow the “Next” buttons until your finished.

Congratulations on importing your first Access table to SQL Server. Just follow the same steps for the other tables.

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