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How To Get Splashtop Working On Ubuntu 18.04 Machine And Upwork

All the words in the title actually work together.

Recently I got a contract on Upwork which is very good, but they want to use Splashtop as a remote login tool.

I have used Teamviewer and Anydesk in the recent past, and both work with Linux. So when the admin said they are using Splashtop I had a big question mark in my head.

I think I worked in the past with Splashtop, but it must have been a while ago, because I don’t remember where.

You need something called a “Splashtop Business App” to remotely login to the machine you will be working on.

Also, to keep track of time, some “gig employers” use Upwork’s time tracker.

So there are 2 things you need basically:

1. Upwork’s Time Tracker
2. Splashtop Business App

So this is where it gets confusing, because:

…If you have a Windows machine, you can login do both, use the Upwork time tracker and the Splashtop tool

…If you have a Chromebook, you can use the Splashtop tool, but not the Upwork time tracker (someone had a method, but it didn’t work for me )

…If you have Linux, you can use the Upwork time tracker, but not the Splashtop tool

Anyway, go figure… 😐 ?

I spoke with Upwork, and they still don’t have a tracking tool for the Chrome OS. (Come on, 6+ years? There must be some explanation), also Splashtop support couldn’t figure out a way to do this…


Buy a Windows laptop, or use my Linux machine…hmmmm….use what I have.


This was a longgggggg process to get Linux to work with me, and so I am documenting it.

Perhaps this post may save you some time.

Splashtop has no Business app (but they do for Windows) for linux so you have to use WINE (Wine Is Not An Emulator).

1. Download the exe from the splashtop website

You’ll get an email from the admin saying to download the admin file:

only problem is that there is not a linux version!


Not a problem, just download the windows version and use wine to set it up.

When you download the exe it will show up in your Downloads folder

Move it to the proper directory, and simply type the following command in the terminal

wine filename.exe

Note: I changed that big filename to splashtop.exe (so I could type it faster).

Anyway, lots of verbage will scroll in the terminal, and if you get no errors, your new Splashtop Business App will be ready to go!

The icon in the green and blue is for the Splashtop Streamer which only works if you are trying to setup the remote control for the machine you are currently on. The one that is in the box is the Splashtop Business App.

OK, if you have a problem with wine, (like I originally did before everything worked out great) try this:

In the terminal type: wine –version

If you get 3, you need to upgrade.

Entering the following command gave me wine 6, allowed this all to come together.

In the terminal type:

> wget https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/xUbuntu_18.04/amd64/libfaudio0_19.07-0~bionic_amd64.deb
> wget https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine:/Debian/xUbuntu_18.04/i386/libfaudio0_19.07-0~bionic_i386.deb
> sudo dpkg -i libfaudio0_19.07-0~bionic_amd64.deb libfaudio0_19.07-0~bionic_i386.deb

> sudo apt-get install winehq-stable

Now in the terminal type: wine –version

and you should get: 6

You should be able to installation the Splashtop Business App with no problems now.

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