Going The Extra Mile

Are you guilty of this?  Or do you not even go
the first mile, less go two?

Want to write your own paycheck?
What is going the extra mile?  What does it mean?

Going the extra mile is doing something extra for
someone, without expecting anything in return for

How many of us do anything for any period of
time for no reward?

When you go the extra mile for someone else you
may or may not get rewarded by that same person, but you
may get rewarded by someone else.

Do something good for someone else, and don’t
expect anything in return.  You will be the winner.
You will come out ahead.

Too often, we think, “Oh, I’m not getting paid for this
anyway, so I will not give it all my attention and efforts.
It’s a free job anyway, what can they expect?!”

Attitudes or thoughts like these can come back to
bite you in the back.

Remember that there is a law of sowing and reaping.  This
is a law, and like the law of gravity, this will take happen.
Gravity WILL bring the object to the ground.  When you plant
a GOOD SEED, it WILL grow, so you can reap it.

You won’t know where that seed will grow.

We had a lavender plant growing in a pot.  Unfortunately the
lavender plant shrivelled up and died.  It died and we left
the pot with soil and the dead plant.

About 2 weeks later, I noticed 2 “green things” growing in the
pot, 1 looked like a weed, and the other looked like the small leaf
of some other “Vinca” flowers we have.  I pulled out the weed,
but left the other green shoot, and sure enough, the green shoot grew
into another flowering Vinca plant.

We did not even plant that seed.  Somehow, the wind
blew it into the pot, and it grew.

Like that little seed, your going the extra mile, and
temporary extra efforts, with the right attitude, are
going to grow into extra opportunity where you are
or in a future unexpected instance.

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