Get out of debt and start saving

I get on a mindset call nearly every day where we go through certain success books.

The one we are going through now is called “The Laws of Success” (1928 version) by Napolean Hill.

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Here are the laws we’ve covered so far:

1.  Mastermind Principle

2.  Harmony

3.  Definite Major Purpose

4. Self Confidence

5. Habit of Saving and Being Debt Free


Life is all about helping others and  “peace of mind”.


There was this story in the book called “How I Made a Million Dollars, and Don’t

have a penny today.”   (something like that)


Anyway, this guy, over the course of time, generated a million dollars, and

then basically lived lavishly and spent it all, and didn’t save any of it.  (Sounds like most people today.)


When you compare your savings to what you spent over the last 10years,

how much money have you kept?


The book told of the man’s payback strategy:

40% to living expenses

30% to debt repayment

30% to insurance and savings


Any comments?




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