Do you have initiative?

What is initiative?

Do you have it?

Initiative is the drive to do a thing when
no one else is telling you to do it.

Do your kids have it?

I know that my kids don’t do most things that
need to be done without being told to do it, then
they try to get one of their other siblings to
do it.

There are some rare times when they actually
do show initiative.

…Like when they empty the overflowing trash can.
Or when they put away the dishes in the dishwasher
that have been cleaned.

Again, that’s a RARE occurrence.

It may have happened 3 times in 16 years.

…and we have 5 kids and the oldest is almost 17.

Do the math, the ratio that they have shown
initiative over the years is not very good.

How is it with your family?

Initiative will hit them when they have their
own families, and no one will do anything, but
them. And if they don’t do it, it will not get

Weren’t you like that as a kid?

Anyway, that’s why most folks get a job working
for someone else. Because they want someone else
telling them what to do.

Having your own business takes initiative. You
have to do the marketing and all of the other
“grunt” work yourself. At least until you are
financially able to hire it out.

Initiative in your own business is to wake up
and do the things necessary to build your business.

I leave you with a quote:

“Success is never lost, it’s found by someone else.”

Most likely that other person who found the
success you lost was ready for it, and had the
initiative to capitalize on it.

What are your thoughts on initiative?


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