Concentrated Efforts

Focus is something that is lacking in most people today, and it’s
the thing you are going to need to be successful.

There are many acronyms for FOCUS, like:

One course? Too often, if we don’t have quick results, we ditch
the idea, and move on to something else.

Some people stop, just “3 feet from gold”.

Your concentrated effort is like a laser beam.

If you take a magnifying glass, and funnel the sun’s rays through
it for a certain period of time, you will have harnessed the sun’s
energy, and burn the object the sun’s rays are focussed on.

Can you focus your concentration on one thing for an extended period
of time?

Most can’t. We have our head in our cell phone most of the time, watching
videos, or reading emails or text messages.

We are BUSY DOING STUFF…but are you really PRODUCTIVE.

Did you make the last hour of your life count? The one that just passed before
you started reading this.

How was today any different than any other day? Remember, you can’t get that
time back you wasted by catching up on someone else’s life.

Weird, we care more about what happens in someone else’s life, than what
happens in our own life.

We think multi tasking is powerful, and helping us get more done, but studies
have been done shown that multi tasking has the same effects as smoking marijuana.

Hmmm, juggling too many things at once. Being a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Focus on doing one thing correctly for a concentrated period of time. When
that it successful, then move to the next item on your list.

If you don’t concentrate on one thing, you will jump from thing to thing to thing
and not accomplish anything. You probably are going to be really tired, but from
what? Sporadic actions sapped your energy. You didn’t get anything done, but
you sure are tired.

Here is something you can try, sit on the floor, still and quiet for 10 minutes.
Take control of your thoughts and concentrate, focus on what you need to get done.

Do this instead of be a spastic type person.

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