Big Money Man Mark Cuban

My attention has been on big money players, how how
they arrived at success.

They love what they do. Warren Buffet says, he gets to do what
he loves everyday. Mark Cuban wants to play this game of money making.

It’s a game, as the saying goes, “love what you do and you’ll never work a
days in your life”. They love making the deal, having the plan come together.
Do you have that desire?

I’m interested in what makes these successful people tick,
so I can model myself after those good qualities.

I have watched a lot of Shark Tank episodes (mostly on the road from my
android phone), and Mark Cuban is one of the characters on the show.

After watching a lot of scenes from the beginning of the show (Shark Tank), and
hearing about the “outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks”, I
became intrigued about Mark Cuban, and his mindset.

By the way, did you know that each 10 pitch on Shark Tank is actually
around 1 to 2 hours, but they edit is down (a lot!)

It seems as if nearly all wealthy individuals just find where there is a
need in the market place and then fill it. People then
pay them for that services, and the rest is history.

Mark saw this great desire that people wanted to watch their favorite sport
shows online, he added to it, and a service was birthed which eventually became “broadcast.com”.

He became a billionaire after starting and selling “Broadcast.com” to
Yahoo for around 5.2 billion dollars.

I think I remember seeing that online, and then seeing not seeing it
anymore, and that’s probably why, because it was SOLD.

What got me is his major definite purpose of being a part of the BBC. Not
the UK news network, but the “Billionaire’s Boys Club”

Take a look at this video biography about Mark Cuban. I think
you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot:

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