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Is your job a “Labor Of Love”, or is it that place you
hate to go to, but you have to go, because it pays the bills?

Well the latter is probably most people’s attitude. Most
people go to the job, not because they love what they do,
but because they have to do it.

Your work should be aimed towards the achievement of some
definite major purpose in life. Each day should be a part of
some sort of accumulation. A small part of some big goal.

Otherwise, you are wasting 1 of your valuable days. Remember,

you can always get more money, but you can’t get more time


That is probably one of the most important things, most people neglect
to remember, we can always get more money, but we can’t get more time.

Some of us have more days than others (largely dependent on how old you are),
but we all have a limit of this essential item.

Budget your time and your money.

We all have 24 hours of time divided into 3 – 8 hour periods. 8 hours
for sleep, 8 for work, 8 for extra things. You can use these 8 hours for things like
play, waste, relax, or self improvement.

Are you using that extra time you are given, or are you wasting it?

The stages of our life can be compared to the seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

One will always follow the other. Some seasons are longer than the other, but that is
the normal cycle of life.

Which “season” are you in?

The “season” your life is in right now can be a determining factor in
how you are spending those extra 8 hours.

We should be using those extra hours learning how to “survive the next winter”. The
winter of a family illness, or financial setback, or other challenge.

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Change your attitude
when you go to your place of employment. Render a useful service, no matter how many
hours you are working. If you are not receiving the compensation you think you deserve, pursue
another employer.

Realize that you are working towards a goal (or get some goal which
will stir your excitement), and that should make your “Labor of Love”
more enjoyable.

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