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Thank you ahead of time for taking a moment to watch the following short video regarding 5 reasons why you need to hire an Access Consultant (like myself):

Please take some time to preview my Free VBA tutorial website:

VBAHowTo.com (Access VBA)

VBAString.com (Excel VBA)

LoeblCom Services has designed and implemented the following websites:

This website is based on an Access database I built over 15 years ago for Centerpoint Energy’s SaltyDog fishing tournament. It does the same thing as the Access database, but now it’s web enabled.


This is the link to the page of the SaltyDog fishing tournament


I’ve worked with this person for a number of years. Originally they had an Excel worksheet will all the data, then it went to an Access database, and then, based on the growth and needs, we web enabled this with MySQL and PHP.


…and others

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