June 2020

What Is Blockchain?

You probably have heard of Bitcoin over the last few years, and have heard of the turbulence and differing opinions of crypto currencies like bitcoin. Well face it folks, in the future, and even more so now that we have had this whole corona crises and economic shutdown, we are going to be headed into […]

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3 Different Types of Database Technologies

The field of data warehousing has different database types. There are three different types that we are going to discuss here, although they are not the only databases available. The first two types of database types are the traditional, which is also referred to as the OLTP (On Line Transaction Processing) and the document or […]

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How To Copy Files Using Remote Desktop To Your AWS Virtual Machine

I did a post on my other blog called: How To Connect Access To SQL Server On Amazon Virtual Machine Since we’re still dealing with AWS, you probably want to find out how to transfer files to your cool new VM. Well in this post you are going to find out. We are not going […]

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