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LoeblCom Services - Consulting Services To Startups In Houston (...and beyond)!

Consulting Services To Startups In Houston (...and beyond)!

Thank you for visiting! We specialize in leveraging technology for better business productivity which helps you as a startup company make more profits! We provide data management solutions to your company, both web based and/or desktop, so you can be more profitable through analysis and focus on the money generating areas of your business. We provide MS Access/Excel and VBA consulting services, online marketing, web development (MySQL/PHP), and countless other services for the Houston area and beyond.

We can do the work that needs to be done for FREE in exchange for a certain percentage of what the database produces.

Contact me, and we can come to a desirable arrangement for the both of us.


Great Features

We have your best interests in mind.  We want to make sure you are satisfied, and that you are sure of your technological investment. We’re not satisfied unless you are satisfied and have a usable product.
We have been put in different situations over the years which helps you by allowing us to draw on our past experiences and allows for creativity in coming up with a solution to meet your need.
We have experience in various industries that offer us the knowledge to design and develop a better and more profitable product for you.
We have hourly, fixed fee, and percentage based fee structures available.


We can offer creative ideas to achieve your data management goals.
We are not satisfied until you are satisfied, and have a working product.

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